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Our Private Label Sports Contests bring the excitement and attention of BIG TIME SPORTS PROMOTIONS like those offered on Yahoo, AOL, ESPN, and CBS Sports to YOUR users.

Sports contest promotions work great for:
  • Radio/TV Stations
    • Keep your audience involved when the radio or TV is off
    • Generate/increase online ad revenue
  • Newpapers
    • Bolster online presense by increasing reader participation
    • Generate/increase online ad revenue
  • Sports Bars
    • Expand name recognition for your establishment as patrons and their friends and family join in
    • Prizes and discount promotions will draw users to your location
Best of all, sports contests Increase User Loyalty!
Nothing creates as much hype as a Pro Football Pick'em or a March Madness Bracket contest!
We handle all of the technical details allowing you to market your game as you find best.

PoolHost.com contests will expand your online presense, increase traffic and keep visitors interested as they login each week to make picks and compete.  A Pro Football Pick'em provides 25 weeks of action!

We can Private Label these games for your business:

Everyone is a sports fan!  Hosting your own sports contest is a great way to connect with your users or clientele.  As your game grows in popularity, so will your new client leads.  All user registration information is available for your marketing use.

If you're a web business, these contests Increase Your Website's "Stickiness".  Stickiness is a measure of how long users spend on your site viewing your web pages.

Here are some of the features:
Completely TURN-KEY! You provide the prizes and market your game. We help with the initial set-up and take it from there!
Multiple Games to choose from: Pro Football Pick'em, College Bowl Pick'em, and March Madness Bracket Pools!  Suicide/Survivor variations available too!
Your game can be 'Stand-Alone' or implemented using FRAMES within your website for a seamless look and feel.  See Screen Shots/Demo above.
Setup is quick and easy. We can use custom COLORS to match the look and feel of your website. Setup is QUICK!
Generate revenue or offset prize costs with advertising in YOUR sports contest.  Our software can handle many ad formats.
Our system provides you with all user registration information downloadable in CSV format for easy use in Excel.  The admin panel provides hit counts for your key pages.
When you license a private label game, we work with you to brand the game so that your users and clients can particpate in a contest providing a seamless look and feel to your business and brand.

A typical experience goes like this:
  • We work with you to brand the contest.  You can edit HTML page content for key pages via our management console to customize on your own or we can work with you using your colors and logo to properly represent your brand.
  • Once your contest is set up, you can begin marketing it.  Offering prizes or discounts is a great way to attract additional players.
  • You can bring in sponsors and advertisers to generate additional revenue or offset prize costs.
  • Users start registering to play.  Contests like this spread quickly as family and friends join in.  Our system collects mailing address, phone number and e-mail address during registration.  You have access to all this information for your own marketing use.
  • Users participate for the duration of your game.  The contest creates a community atmosphere.
    • Radio/TV - Audience participation increases ratings and loyalty and adds value for advertisers
    • Newpaper - Expand your online presense with additional content and reader participation
    • Sports Bar - Increase name recognition and patronage as users participate for prizes and discounts
    • Websites - Double, Triple, Quadruple your site traffic by expanding your content with a user participation contest
Screen Shots
Easy to use pick entry sheet:

View all player picks after each week's deadline:

Games Scores Page:

Branded to your colors and logo:

March Madness Bracket Entry:

March Madness View Pick Sheet:

March Madness Standings:

UFC Event Results:

UFC Make Fight Picks:

Our contests are priced to be cost effective in order to fit your budget and to make your promotion as successful as possible.

You pay for the entire season upfront which includes:

  • A stand-alone or frames version pool game
  • Color customization to match your website theme
  • Entire pool setup including placement of the custom HTML pages that you provide (if desired)
  • Implementation of banner ads that you sell. You provide the image files/HTML.
  • All registration information collected from users who sign up
  • Hit count report showing user login
  • Update of all scoring and statistics and general site maintenance
This is a complete turn-key solution!  Once your game is set up, we do the rest!

To get pricing for your organization, please contact us directly at:

Get Started NOW!

Send a note to:

Let us know what type of game you're interested in.  If you have an existing website that you'd like us to brand to, include a link for our reference.

Once we have enough info about your contest, we'll set it up quickly for you to try out.

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